The making of a cover ... #ChasingCars

I told you we had 100 variations of the Chasing Cars and the Lessons We Learned cover, right? Mindy and I like to play and design our covers before we send them to Starla to create real thing for us. We call these mock-ups and sometimes they are BAD! 

Case in point—this is a small sample of #SubwayStops.
First, you see the water and city vectors we wanted to use. Next, you see the city Mindy drew because we wanted the twin towers included in our cover. Then you see our mock-up we sent to Starla.
The bright green is what Starla sent back and none of us liked that color very much, so we ended up with purple.  

Chasing Cars was a beast to design. Originally, we wanted to go with the map idea, but then it seemed odd that we did a map for PP and CC, but not SS. So we began to play. Cars, birch trees, bunting, and bears. Oh, my! 
Okay, so the bear was a joke—one that will make perfect sense when you read Chasing Cars. Enjoy this craptastic evolution of a cover...

Ultimately, as I'm sure you've seen by now, we chose the world. Mindy drew the landmarks, Starla made it awesome, colorful, and perfect. HERE is the cover reveal link if you didn't see it (there's an excerpt only see in MY post for you). 

So, next time you see one of our covers know that most likely there are 20+ versions of that cover floating around in our laptops. Cover decisions are hard y'all!