The tease where they go ... skinny dipping?

So much of the fun in writing Chasing Cars and the Lessons We Learned was in learning Finnish culture from Mindy. I essentially became Amber, this twenty-one-year-old girl visiting Europe for the first time. It was hilarious to pull up Finnish words as Mindy wrote them and attempt to pronounce them—y'all will see what I mean when you read it yourselves. It was fun to go on an internet tour of Finland as Mindy introduced me to the places she went three years ago on a family trip. It was fun to scroll Pinterest and Google looking for food, hotels, animals, and nature. I was given a pretty thorough education. So much so that I really NEED to go to Finland now. Finland signing, anyone??
Playing the slightly clueless, slightly self-absorbed Amber was a blast. She finds herself aggravated with Olle on more than one occasion, thanks to the cultural differences. I truly hope when you read this story you will see just how much we loved writing it. 

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