A Love in C Minor Tuesday Teaser...


“I was worried I was going to have to cut across the orchard and walk down to the gas station,” I tease, opening the door to Ridley before he makes it to our porch.
Ridley stops ten feet away and cocks his head to the left. “You would have done no such thing,” he says, pushing his dark hair out of his eyes.
“It rained last night and those are your favorite boots. The orchard would be a mudpit.”

Small-town good girl ✔️
Trouble causing college boy ✔️
Big brother's best friend ✔️
Hidden feelings ✔️
Sibling rivalry ✔️
Sweet romance AND laughter ✔️

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The one with the cover chat ...

Time for a chat.
Sometimes we don't know what we're doing. Right? In January of 2016, I approached Mindy with the idea of co-writing a book. Paper Planes and Others Things We Lost was born. It was supposed to be a standalone novel. Then I created Amber—with her larger than life personality and broken soul. The more we wrote Brett and Ruby the more we saw a bigger picture. When Cole came into the plot, our brains went crazy. Okay, you win brains. 

Subway Stops and the Places We Meet and Chasing Cars and the Lessons We Learned were born. 

This is why we're here today, having this talk. Subway Stops and Chasing Cars are Adult (or New Adult) novels. Paper Planes is a solid YA story. 
Though they are all 'clean' the characters in SS and CC are more mature and the romantic tension is heightened. So, it is for this reason that we've made a rather dramatic decision. 

We're changing the e-book covers!

Why? Why you ask! We love the SS and CC covers. They're adorable AND will remain on the paperbacks. Buy them, they look amazing together. But, it has come to our attention that SS and CC don't reach readers packaged the way they are. These are standalone adult contemporary sweet romances. With their current look, they come off as YA OR as a series you HAVE to read together. Obviously, we would love people to read all three stories, but they read nicely as standalone, too. We feel it's a disservice to Cole, Sam, Amber, and Olle if we don't do everything we can to get them into the hands of readers.

The good news (other than amazingly cute new covers)? It makes it MUCH, MUCH easier for us to write more Paper Planes novels going forward! That's right, we have more planned. Standalone tales following other Flight 397 families—and maybe a return of those you already love. Branding each book helps give them their own identity. You can look for 'a paper planes novel' on the covers and know what you're getting—a Mindy Michele sweet romance sure to make you laugh, cry, and swoon! 

Ready for the reveal?

Aren't they gorgeous? They fit the stories and characters so nicely. We're so happy with them. 

Currently, Subway Stops is only available on Amazon.
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Chasing Cars is available here:

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The tease where they go ... skinny dipping?

So much of the fun in writing Chasing Cars and the Lessons We Learned was in learning Finnish culture from Mindy. I essentially became Amber, this twenty-one-year-old girl visiting Europe for the first time. It was hilarious to pull up Finnish words as Mindy wrote them and attempt to pronounce them—y'all will see what I mean when you read it yourselves. It was fun to go on an internet tour of Finland as Mindy introduced me to the places she went three years ago on a family trip. It was fun to scroll Pinterest and Google looking for food, hotels, animals, and nature. I was given a pretty thorough education. So much so that I really NEED to go to Finland now. Finland signing, anyone??
Playing the slightly clueless, slightly self-absorbed Amber was a blast. She finds herself aggravated with Olle on more than one occasion, thanks to the cultural differences. I truly hope when you read this story you will see just how much we loved writing it. 

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