And the winner is... time to VOTE!

Book Awards. Many readers may not realize there is such a thing. Just as Hollywood likes to reign golden statues on their favorites, the book world takes pride in saluting authors, cover designers, and characters as well.
In the book world different conferences, trade publications, and associations offer awards. There are some you can enter, some you can nominate yourself for and other lists readers can enter you for.
There are two large conferences I go to each year where the awards are a fun and memorable event. One, UtopYA Con (now knows on Utopia Con), just happened last week. I was nominated there for three awards. THREE!

Best Contemporary book of the year - From The Wreckage
Best Contemp cover and Best editing - Into The Fire

I did not win, but what an honor. I was up against some amazing titles and people.

Just look at those nominees!

Just look at those nominees!

Now I set my eyes on Penned Con in St. Louis at the end of July. An event so fabulous I'm willing to drive myself 13 hours to be there. I'm SUPER excited to be helping with a TEEN Day at Penned on Thursday, July 23 for young aspiring writers. THIS fills my heart with so much joy. I'll be speaking on a panel designed just for teens and can't wait to chat a little about my background and writing.
I'll also be speaking on a panel on Friday (I think it's Friday!) about why I write and why I continue to write when things don't go as planned.
AND like at Utopia, I am up for an award. 

Young Adult Author of the Year

Shut up! I'm dreaming...

You can vote HERE (if you want)  I WILL still love you if you don't 

I'm also super excited to be meeting my agent, Italia Gandolfo, at Penned this year! She is wicked good at what she does and I can't wait to get her an outline on our "secret NOLA project" to pitch. Who would love to see a television series or movie with the words 'based on characters' or 'written by' Michele G Miller? That's a HUGE pie in the sky dream, but you know what...

So as Casey Kasem used to say (yep, I aged myself) Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars! I hope you're reaching for your dream, whatever they may be.

Thank you for supporting me and mine.