All About Me

I hear and see stories in my brain 24/7. Getting them down on paper is the hard part.
I'm a wife, mom of 3, and dog owner
I believe in love at first sight - saw mine at 16 in a parking lot!
I believe in working hard to make your dreams come true!
I believe in taking time to enjoy life!
I believe dancing and laughter are the best medicine!

There are so many awesome things that I love.  
Here are a few things that fit me to a T!

Must Haves:
University of Alabama Football - every season you know where I will be on Saturday afternoons!
Kindle Fire - I never leave home without it.
Sweet Tea - Addicted!!
Music in the car - A must for me everyday is my XM radio!
Lunch dates with the hubby - We must meet at least every other week for hibachi chicken at lunch ;)
Mexican food - Once a week you will find us having Tacos somewhere.
Disney - I've been vacationing there annually since I was 8ish. It's tradition now.

Stalk me Links:

The story behind "Chelemybelles"

Chelemybelles is the name I use on all of my social media.  Why you ask?  Well here it is.

Chele is short for my name, Michele.  My mother gave me one L not because she couldnt spell but instead because she was going for the French version.  Same reason my 'real' middle name in LaVonne.  Yes say that, Michele Lavonne, in a French is tres bien!

belle is short for my lovely little princess Isabelle.  Isabelle spelled belle is French.  She also happens to be my favorite Disney Princess who happens to be French.  See a trend?

So there you have it Chele Belle.  Oh, your wondering where the 'my' and the 's' come from?  Well from two songs of course! "My Michelle" by Guns N' Roses, my hubby used to sing this to me as a joke, and "Michelle" by the Beatles, this one I've heard a million times like every other Michelle in the world!

Since there are two of us belles (beauties in French) we add the 's'