Thank You! AND by you I mean YOU!

There will never be enough words, or the right words, for me to adequately say Thank You!
I will try.....

Truly truly thankful for you!
 I'm very grateful to those who have taken the time to support me by buying books, recommending me to others, writing reviews, giving me feedback - both positive and negative. 
Seriously, I DO!
Yep, this too!

Important to know this ^^^ one!

I'm forgetful :/

This is my playful way to tell you how much I appreciate EVERYTHING. I write because I love it. True story. I LOVE connecting with fans, I love hearing feedback, I love adding people I know to my stories. I fulfilled a dream when I hit publish on Never Let You Fall and sold copies to people who didn't actually know me. 

Everything I do from here on out is icing on the cake. I will strive to write stories YOU want to read. I will strive to get better at telling the stories in my crazy head. I will strive to find an adequate way to say THANK YOU but until then this is all I have...

From the very depths of my soul, I thank you.