The one with the #SubwayStops cover . . .

I'm so excited to finally share the precious with you . . .

  When Mindy and I dreamed up the Paper Planes series we knew instantly what we wanted our covers to look like. In fact, I made mock-ups for all three books on April 29, 2016. Do you know how hard it is to keep something secret for that long???
  Cut to November 2016 and we're finally ready to have the 'real' cover designed. Something happened as we revisited our original cover concept. We were writing a book set in NYC in the early 90s and we wanted to showcase that idea, but our original drawing lacked one thing we REALLY wanted. What do you do when that happens? Well, if you're us you draw it yourself. That's right, Mindy took her tablet and drew the city you see below, based on our concept art but with one critical, and lovingly remembered, aspect. She rocks! 
  Next, our designer and friend, Starla Huchton (Designed by Starla) took that drawing and cleaned up the lines (no small feat, I might add!) all because Mindy's drawing wasn't the right DPI *sighs*
  Starla then helped us pull everything together into one beautifully perfect cover. Seriously, she went through ten or so background colors for us until we agreed on the final (all while I waited for Rogue One to start at the theater!) 

Here's the cover for your viewing pleasure . . . 

  If you're unfamiliar with how covers are created let me tell you this design is from scratch. The city (custom drawing), clouds (customized stock), paper plane (customized stock), water (created from Photo Shop), and the fonts, are each individual elements chosen by us and our designer to create the feel we wanted. We are so proud of this one and hope you love it as much as we do! AND as much as the Paper Planes cover.

The blurb . . .

The details . . .
Subway Stops is the second book in the Paper Planes series and tells the continuing story of characters introduced in book one. It can be read on its own since the main characters are different, but there will be spoilers from Paper Planes included. If you want the entire story, we recommend you read them in order.
Genre: Clean Adult Contemporary Romance
Rating: PG-13
Availability: iBooks, Amazon, Kobo, B&N in e-book & paperback

Coming: February 16, 2017

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