12 Days of Christmas #LastCall Cover Revamp - FULL Reveal

Well here we are Christmas Eve and a full cover.

I want to thank the incomparable Regina Wamba at www.maeidesign.com for a gorgeous cover.

The model is William Brey. Don't you love his gorgeous profile and broad shoulders? Those shoulders and arms are exactly how I envisioned Gage when writing Last Call. William is perfect.

I hope you love the new cover. It works so well with the cover for His Call that it makes me giddy! Let me give you a tease...

“I can’t not hold you when you’re upset; you should know this by now.” I reminded her as I maneuvered behind her, sitting and sliding my legs around either side of her. Slowly and carefully, I leaned over her back and ran my hands down her arms, hugging her like a second skin. “I hate it when you cry, Sav. Please let me fix this.” I whispered into her hair as I leaned my head against hers. My fingers rubbed over hers, working their way between them until our hands were laced together.

“You can’t fix this.”

“Baby, we can fix anything together. Just tell me what you need from me. What do you want me to do?”

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Last Call is currently Available on all sites. Don't worry, the NEW cover will update if you buy it before its changed ;)

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Christmas gift #2: His Call #tease....

My Christmas gift to you...teasers and scenes from my upcoming novels. Projects you know, Never Without You, Into The Fire and His Call, as well as perhaps some secret projects you've not heard of yet. Keep an eye on this blog the entire month of December because you never know when I'll be 
sharing some goodness....

Also, NO. I don't have release dates yet for any of these titles. When I do I will be sure to shout it at the top of my lungs! I know I'm behind schedule, but you have to trust that I'm not rushing them for a reason. The best story takes time.

Today's gift is for my Last Call fans

Last Call Dualogy, book 2

**Please remember this is unedited and subject to change before publication.**

The elevator doors barely had time to open before I wedged my body through the opening. I rushed down the hall, unlocked and threw open the door, to find Krys perched on the edge of the leather sofa, a glass of wine halfway to her lips. 
Out of breath, my eyes scanned the room. “What’s wrong? Where is she?”  
“She locked herself in the bathroom. Your girlfriend is a drunk crier.” 
“Not normally, Krys. What did you do to her?” I snapped. 
Not waiting for her answer, I dropped my keys by the door and sent an irritated glance her way as I walked through the powder room to the bathroom door. 
"Sav? Baby, you okay?” I called as I knocked lightly. 
The running water of the shower was my only reply. Since she obviously couldn’t hear me, I decide to get some answers from Krys who attacked me before I could enter back into the living room. 
“Why the hell do you assume I did something? I’m just the babysitter here.” 
“Because it’s you. Trouble follows you wherever you go.”
“Screw you.”

It's Monday but it's okay....

because it's...

at my house! How about you? How do you make Mondays better?

How about teaser quotes from the guys??
 “Your new attitude scares the hell out of me. I love your newfound independence and bravery, but I’m scared you’re going to do something stupid." - Xander, Never Without You

“I don’t know when it happened, but one day I’m sitting in Civics minding my own business and look over to see you flirting with Trey Owens and I had this urge to hit him. Like hard.”- A boy *wink*, Into The Fire

“Baby, we can fix anything together. Just tell me what you need from me. What do you want me to do?” - Gage, His Call

All three of these upcoming titles are on Goodreads now if you like to keep up with your books there.
Hope this has helped your Monday be a little brighter ;)

The one where she admits to being a horrible blogger!

I'm so horrible at blogging. I tell myself several times a week 'tomorrow I will make a post.'


I love sharing teases, info and random stuff on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr because they are quick short posts I can make on the run. This page though, this page takes time. 
AND, wouldn't you rather I spend my time writing all those books you're waiting for??

I'm working on it people. 
I'm working everyday to write the books I know you're waiting on.

<--- I'm working on Never Without You. It's got a long way to go though. I know there are people who are very very ready for this one. Here's the deal, it's coming BUT I have to be honest with you. My YA Contemporaries comes first. There are two reasons for this:
1) Tyalbrook is a very difficult story to write. I really have to be in the zone for this one and I have to wait on the characters to talk to me.
2) My From The Wreckage stories have been so successful (I'm SO grateful!) and while writing is a passion,it is also a business. I have to go where the readers are for me. I wish Fantasy was still in its heyday, but its not. My fan base is largely made up of contemp readers right now. I hope to convert them to Tyalbrook - and I have with some - but I have to be smart about what I write too.

I'm working on His Call some... I've actually been working on a cool surprise for this series and will start hitting the promotions pretty hard for Last Call. I'm hoping this will get Savannah and Gage more readers. I love this couple and want to share Gage's story soon. 

And right now my most pressing project is Into The Fire. This is the first book in the Wrecked Series, a series of standalone novels that are From The Wreckage spin-offs. Into The Fire is Dani's story. I'm so excited about this book. My two alphas, who love me but are also very honest when they hate what I write, have said this about this book:

"Ohhhh omg! It's beautiful and broken and perfect!" (Megan)
AND "I'm pretty sure this is going to be the best thing you've ever written." (Jessica)

So, this is the state of me. Right now.
I will try to come back here more often, but y'all know I'm bad at it. Follow me on the other sites for day to day updates. http://chelemybelles.tumblr.com/ http://instagram.com/chelemybelles


A little book update...


Yep, I've got news! I know I've been MIA on here lately, and for that I'm sorry. The end of August and September are always crazy months, and this year proved no exception. Add two book events, a release date, and a family vacation to the usual back to school/extra curricular activities and I'm lucky to be sane (relatively) at this point! 

So, here's what I want you to know....


I AM working on His Call (Last Call #2)


Why am I writing two books at once? Welllll....you see, occasionally (or often) characters don't want to speak to me when I need them to. So when one book stops talking, I try to work on the other. I do not want to force the final book of the Tyalbrook series so I am taking my sweet time.

I know, I know..I'm sorry!

What I've learned over the past two years: I will try, with all my might, to write a complete series before I publish it. If I can. I loved being able to release the From The Wreckage series out to you in only three months. It was great. BUT, it's also un-realistic to think I can keep writing books like that and be a mom and wife, and do all my book stuff too. Some writers spit books out in days. I am NOT that person, usually.

At this point I don't anticipate either 'Never Wither You' or 'His Call' being released before December. I will try my best, but due to editing schedules alone, it probably won't happen.

I will try to include you all in the process more by posting fun things like Pinterest inspirations, playlists, casting thoughts...and of course teases as often as I can. I WANT you to be a part of this journey with me. I LOVE sharing these stories with you.