Red Coat PR October Releases - Horror/Paranormal/Fantasy

Check out these festive October releases from some of my fellow authors over at Red Coat PR. Books by Amy Miles, Catie Rhodes, Nathan Squires and Megan J Parker, Karen Lynch, LG Miles, and S. Simone Chavous


After an epidemic swept across America like a biblical plague, the government leapt into the fray with the release of a new vaccine—but what was meant to bring salvation to the survivors instead brought damnation. Mutations began within days of the drug’s release and the Withered Ones were born—those neither alive nor dead. They walked the streets, unblinking and unaware. And they were starting to evolve. 

Growing up on the streets taught Avery Whitlock how to care for herself, but nothing could have prepared her for the outbreak of deadly gangs, a corrupt government bent on using her blood for experiments and the depths to which desperate people would go to survive. She soon discovered that it was not the Withered Ones that she needed to fear, but those still human. The ones who knew how to put a gun to her head when they wanted something from her. 

Avery will be forced to decide how far she would will go to survive just one more day. 

 Title: Rear View
Series: Peri Jean Mace Ghost Thriller Series
Author: Catie Rhodes
Genre: Urban Fantasy


Bullies. Ghosts. Haunted Houses. The first brush with evil is always the scariest.

Many years before Forever Road, Peri Jean Mace’s ability to see ghosts made her the most unpopular high school senior at Gaslight City High. But now graduation is right around the corner.

Peri Jean needs to pass her senior project so she can go to prom and graduate. Then she can roar off into the sunset with her wanna-be rockstar boyfriend.

But when senior projects are assigned, Peri Jean draws a local haunted house. Worse, the nastiest bully at Gaslight City High School is put in her group.

Stuck investigating something that defies logical explanation with a bully dogging her every move, Peri Jean is sure she’ll come up with a big, fat zero.

Rear View is a prequel to the Peri Jean Mace Ghost Thriller series. It can be read at any time. If you like your Urban Fantasy complete with freaky ghosts, side-splitting laughs, and a heroine with a heart (and a temper) as big as Texas, you’ll love Rear View.

Download Rear View today and take a trip back to those hallowed high school halls to walk beside the girl who never quite fit in.
Title: Blue Moon (A Scarlet Night Novel)
Author: Megan J. Parker & Nathan Squiers
Series: Scarlet Night
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy




Cursed rage beasts? A sassy vampire in emotional turmoil? Joining an assault against an apocalyptic army of death? No problem; piece of cake; no biggie!

Zoey has never needed to use her vampiric mind-reading or telekinetic gifts to be the voice of reason, but there’s one person whose problems she’s never been able to get a handle on…


So when she and her therion lover, Isaac, accept a new mission to take out a demented, inhuman threat with a taste for torture, Zoey’s eager to keep things strictly business. Unfortunately, with this new danger threatening to tear their world apart, the vampire-werewolf lovers find themselves in the company of a not-so-friendly pack of Isaac’s kin, and a fresh batch of problems arise.

With chaos igniting at every turn and a constantly dwindling hope, Zoey and Isaac find themselves in a struggle for survival that’ll put everything they have to the test.

Between Zoey’s sinking confidence and soaring doubts, it may be impossible to find a middle ground in time to stop the impending carnage.

Warrior (Relentless Book 4)
Author: Karen Lynch
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy



The warrior has finally met his match.

Nikolas Danshov is the Mohiri’s finest warrior, fearless and lethal with any weapon. For almost two hundred years, he has devoted his life to keeping humans safe from the demons that walk the earth. Revered by his people, he is a legend in his own time, a warrior undefeated in battle, and prepared for anything. Until her.

On a routine job in Maine, a twist of fate brings Nikolas face-to-face with the one person he had never expected to meet – his mate. Sara Grey is unlike anyone he’s ever met. Beautiful and fiery, she ignites his desire, while her innocence and vulnerability awaken a fierce protectiveness in him. Now all he can think of is keeping his mate safe from the dangers that hunt her, even if she fights him at every turn.

You know Sara’s story. Now read it again, through the eyes of her warrior.



A curse passed down through the ages. 
A soul trapped in limbo.
 A mystery to be solved.

 When three young friends decide to sneak out and spend the night in an abandoned house rumored to be the haunting place of the Trickster ghost, they will soon get more excitement than they bargained for...


L.G. Miles is a lover of all things Minecraft, Angry Birds, and Teen Titans Go. When he's not at school he can be found on the golf course, drawing, or building legos. The Trickster is his debut novel.




The Fate Series Complete Box Sex 

Choices of Fate - Book 1 
Redemption of Fate - Book 2 
Absolution of Fate - Book 3 (Final Installment) 

Choices of Fate 
Alexa Ryan lives a simple, solitary life until one day when she literally runs into a tall, dark, and handsome stranger. 

Ethan Kellar has been running from his destiny for most of his life, determined to choose his own path, but when he meets Alexa, everything changes. 

Together, they learn what love truly is and that some choices are out of their hands, some choices are made by fate. 

Redemption of Fate 
When Ethan Kellar awakens alone in the dark and discovers the carnage that surrounds him, he struggles to remember anything of who or where he is. His mind and body feel foreign, like a flesh and blood prison, until he discovers the lifeless form of the beautiful naked woman in his arms.

Drawn to her in a way he doesn’t fully understand, he touches her necklace and is met with the searing pain of his newly acquired silver allergy. With the pain come flashes of his old life and the crushing realization that the woman is his mate, and he attacked her in a fit of bloodlust. 

On mandatory lockdown at the Elite compound, Cami has never felt more trapped in the place she’s called home for nearly two centuries. Trapped by fear for her missing brother and by the unwanted, yet undeniable attraction to her young, cocky new brother-in-law, Jared. 

When the body of one of their kind is discovered by humans, the Elite are forced to intervene, giving Cami a reprieve as she leads the team to retrieve the body and clean up the mess before the race is exposed. 

Back at the compound, Chloe continues to grow at an astounding rate and it isn’t long before the strength of her preternatural powers are put to the test as she fights to save what’s left of her family. 
All the while, Lucias continues his pursuit of Chloe using his blood bond to Ethan to extract information and utilize the race’s most powerful vampire in his struggle to rule humans and vampires alike. Unbeknownst to Lucias and despite Alexa’s death, the mate bond still exists keeping a small part of Ethan beyond Lucias’ control, but will he eventually give in to the darkness or will it be enough for fate to redeem itself and save him. 

Absolution of Fate 
The exciting final installment of the three-part Fate Series. 
After Lucias Thorne ripped away the woman he loved along with his free will, Ethan Kellar is forced to watch as the same monster walks away with his only daughter. Locked in a cell with only his suffering to keep him company, the last shred of the man he once was starts to slip away. Meanwhile, the woman he thought he’d lost forever is fighting to find her way back to him. 

Having sacrificed herself to save the ones she loves most, Chloe is trapped living under the watchful eye of the same man who tore her family apart. While Lucias desires her, he also fears her, so he agreed to keep his distance for a time, but until she binds herself to him forever, she is cut off from everyone else. Thanks to her unique ability, Chloe manages to find comfort in the most unlikely of places as she struggles to resist Lucias and hang on to the hope of being with her family again. 

When an accident reveals Chloe’s most dangerous power, plans are set in motion that change the course of the world and finally bring an end to the war her kind have been fighting for centuries.

Attitude of Gratitude - Day Two - Hometown Lovin'

If you missed my post here is the Gratitude Video


Today I want to express my gratitude to the little town I grew up in.

Topsham, Maine

Thank you for providing me with a quaint, small town, safe environment in my early years.
From first through mid-seventh grade I lived in this old little yellow house on Main Street. YES, Main Street USA ;)

I lived in this awesome area where all the homes around were in a square so there was a huge open field where we could all play in my back yard.  
I ate cherries, crab applies, green onions (chives) right off the trees and from the ground.  We picked blackberries and raspberries off bushes.
I had the most beautiful lilac bushes covering a white fence with an arbor known to man.

I was so lucky to grow up around acres and acres of woodlands.  My friends and I would hike trails for hours upon hours sometimes.  We had rope swings over creeks, a tree house and only the sun as our clock.

We used to WALK to the county fair every year and ride the rides, visit the midway and eat all the yummy food.  We rode our bikes all around town without a care in the world. I walked to Dairy Queen (7 houses down from me!!) daily in season for a dipped cone.

I grew up in this idealistic town in a much safer day and age when the only thing we did as kids was play outside.  Doors were left unlocked, kids roamed free.

Thank you to my little town upbringing for such a wonderful beginning to my life.  I truly think the imagination I grew as a child is what produced the writer in me as an adult.  I recall riding my bike to the small town library housed in an old home and loving it.  I recall the gorgeous old bed and breakfast that I used to pretend was where the "town rich family" lived. I recall playing under the Brunswick Bridge, ice skating on ponds, climbing to the top of the fire town behind the high school to look out over the town.

I moved away during Christmas break of seventh grade.  I recall how sad I was to leave my little town and the friends I had known for so long.  Life was never that idealistic again.  Topsham isn't the same town as it once was.  But, for a moment in time it was this perfect little place that helped shape me into who I am today and for that I am GRATEFUL.

Attitude of Gratitude - #1

If you missed my post here is the Gratitude Video


Today's letter is to my husband of 18 years (our anniversary is the 7th!) Jonathan.
I figured I would start easy ;) Obviously there are many reasons I am grateful for this man in my life.
He made me a wife, a mother, a lover, a best friend in the truest word.  He has put up with me through good and BAD for over 21 years.  We've grown up together, literally.

However, the number one thing he did is show me love when I didn't feel like I was loved. My teenage 
years were not the best in the world and I met Jonathan at a time when I needed someone to love me 
unconditionally.  He did.  He, and his family, taught me so much as a lonely 16 year old.
I was made to feel a part of a large loving family from day one.  
Jonathan Miller changed my life forever and for that I will forever be grateful to him!

Look how cute (AND YOUNG!) we are :)

October Fun

Oh. My. Word. Tomorrow starts OCTOBER!
Wow, can you believe how fast thisyear has flown??

October is shaping up to be a BUSY BUSY month for me.  Not only do I need to finish 'Never Let You Go' but I am releasing 'Last Call' on the 21st!

In celebration of 'Last Call' I am planning on doing TWENTY days of Teases! Woot! That's right, 20 days straight of little insights and teases to wet your whistle for this fabulous story.

In addition, I am undertaking a project brought to me by the fabulous, Starla Huchton.(Check her out here!)
Check out this video...seriously, it's great!
Click THIS link if video isn't working!

I hope you actually watched it so that you understand what I'm going to do next.
I am going to attempt to write one post a day this month on someone I am totally, extremely thankful for.
These posts may be funny, tender, stupid and down right crazy depending on the person.

I think it is imperative you tell the people who shape you in life how grateful you are for them.
EVEN the ones who might have played a hand in the bad moments.  Yes, all of the moments count and make us who we are.

**By the way if you have a blog, or even a Facebook page, feel free to join us in the Attitude of gratitude month! Post back to Starla's site linked above each day so we can all share in your happiness :)

Stayed tuned as this blog starts hopping in October!!