The tease where they go ... skinny dipping?

So much of the fun in writing Chasing Cars and the Lessons We Learned was in learning Finnish culture from Mindy. I essentially became Amber, this twenty-one-year-old girl visiting Europe for the first time. It was hilarious to pull up Finnish words as Mindy wrote them and attempt to pronounce them—y'all will see what I mean when you read it yourselves. It was fun to go on an internet tour of Finland as Mindy introduced me to the places she went three years ago on a family trip. It was fun to scroll Pinterest and Google looking for food, hotels, animals, and nature. I was given a pretty thorough education. So much so that I really NEED to go to Finland now. Finland signing, anyone??
Playing the slightly clueless, slightly self-absorbed Amber was a blast. She finds herself aggravated with Olle on more than one occasion, thanks to the cultural differences. I truly hope when you read this story you will see just how much we loved writing it. 

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Be a Social Butterfly!

How I use my social media and where to find me

There are so many ways to communicate our messages these days. You can snapchat, create virtual bulletin boards, scroll an endless vine of outtakes, follow a blue birdie, take a Tumble, snap a million photos to document your every move in an instant, watch a tube just for you and keep up with the book of faces . . . phew, it's exhausting being social!

Want to know where I get my social on? Keep reading!

First up: FACEBOOK - the get to know each other site.
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This is my Official Author Page. Here I post everything related to my books—teases, new releases, sales, updates—as well as random book stuff. It's where we can *do life* together. You can ask questions, make comments, share pictures, music and thoughts with me. I LOVE doing QOTD (questions of the day) and asking YOU about random things too. *Facebook can be stingy with showing posts for pages you 'Like' so make sure you comment on things, drop by on your own occasionally, and be sure after you like me that you're seeing me in your feed.

Next: TWITTER - the quickie site
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Twitter can be hard to follow, especially if you follow a lot of people. This is the site where I do most of my book sharing for OTHER authors. I tweet sales and new release for my peers often. I share cool articles, funny posts and often offer up commentary on things such as movies, music and television. *Twitter tip—search hashtags for what you're looking for (i.e. #NewRelease #Free #CoverReveal) Also if you're on a computer a lot give TweetDeck or another Twitter platform a try. There you can create columns for certain interests. I have ones set up so I can see tweets about my books and tweets from my writing tribe. Plus, I create groups (bloggers, authors, cool people) to help quick sort things. 

Third we have: INSTAGRAM - the pictorial site
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Book pictures, food pictures, shots of my dogs, my town, my family, my life. This is what you'll get here! I love Instagram, because I love seeing my friends living their lives. Tip: Use the app 'Repost' if you want to share with your followers what other Insta-people post.
And finally I use: PINTEREST - the virtual wish and dream bulletin board
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If you're not on Pinterest yet, you should be! It's so easy to use and soooo helpful. I have an inspiration board for all of my books, for holiday decorations, for my house, food, the sewing I'll never do. I pin inspirational sayings, funny things, pretty place and graphic art and font love. This is also where I keep up with my reading challenge for the year. You'll find my board HERE 
GREAT TIP: Utilize private boards (a board that only you—or anyone you share it with—can see) to keep a Christmas shopping list. I pin whatever the kids want throughout the year so when it's time to shop I can scroll through and see what's still applicable.
A few other fun BOOK related boards I have:
Go ahead, judge me by my cover - gorgeous covers I find
Well slap my face and call me Sally - my pretty men board for muse inspiration
Book Obsession - books I've bought or want
Bookish Delights and Authors I love - the name is self-explanatory

Other sites I'm on
TUMBLR - I feed my Instagram to Tumblr and occasionally repost other people. 
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YOUTUBE - I have a channel with one book trailer. Eventually I plan to use this more.
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There you have it, a few places to find me in the social sphere. Maybe someday I'll tackle the world of Vines and SnapChat too. 

Character Profile - Skye from Never Let You Fall

Instead of my normal Tuesday Tease this week I am introducing you to my MC
for Never Let You Fall!

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. Ava- Guardians MC

The 411

Name: Skye Martin
Age: 17.5
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'4"

Who better to tell you what they think of Skye then a few of my Beta/ARC readers:

"Skye is hardened girl. She's convinced she's unloveable and that part just kills me! But she has spunk and she's strong willed. That is something I loved about her because kick butt woman in books is a thang for me. It tickles my pickle. Her one downfall is she's untrusting as heck but Xander changes everything. "

"Skye is one tough cookie, but you can't help feel for her and want to protect her because of all she's been though. "

"Skye has been through a lot in her young life, making her a strong character, and who doesn't love a strong protagonist? At first I thought I wasn't going to like her, because she kept denying everything that was being said to her, I took a step back and realized, I'd do the exact same, that's when I fully came to love Skye. You go through this learning process with her. She goes from orphaned teenager, who drowns her sorrows and doesn't know what it's like to feel loved, and can't remember her past, to a young woman in her own, who learns to let love in and learns to love."

These readers NAIL how I wanted to portray Skye.  As I wrote scenes with her here are some images that helped me.  Some were for character inspiration or what I think she might would have thought and others are scenes you find her in and they helped me visualize things.

Once upon a time...Purple Dress/Gown, in the Purple Woods/Forest. Fantasy Photography.        .YES

Forrest by ~avtimo on deviantART

This is a sample of some of the songs that I feel are "Skye" songs

I hope this helped you gleem a little more information on Skye.  
Next week I will dig into Xander some more.

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