Being the new girl sophomore year of high school was hard.
Being the new girl who moved to Southern California from Minnesota was harder.
Being the new girl surrounded by tragedy and mystery? That was a piece of cake.

As if!

Hannah Jacobs wasn’t a fan of high school. It was filled with twice the turmoil normal teens endure because of her past, and one boy.

Fast forward four years. Hannah graduates from college and returns home for her best friend’s wedding. And who happens to be the best man? None other than Dane Davis. Hannah hasn’t seen Dane since the night he trampled all over her heart senior year.

Hannah is determined to play nice with Dane while they perform their best man and maid of honor duties, but betrayal is a hard pill to swallow. And your first love?

Nothing compares.

Nothing Compares to You is a 90's contemporary adult romance originally published as part of the charity anthology: 10 Things I Love About You
This sweet romance is a standalone 30k novella.

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