I did something a little different...

OH! I totally forgot to mention that she also has my dream cast posted!
Hint: there are a lot of guys on there ;)

The Blurb in case you forgot...

“You are cordially invited…” Four words that spark the fear of God into any gently bred, single southern woman. Along with “Diet”, “What dress size do you need?” and “We need to cancel your cut and color today”, there is nothing - and I mean NOTHING - a single woman wants to hear less than “You are cordially invited”, unless she is the one doing the inviting. Those four words are a vivid reminder that some other lucky girl has snared her Prince Charming and you haven’t. 

While that probably doesn’t seem like a big deal to most modern feminists out there, when your name is Guthry- of the famed Guthry Whiskey- the expectations placed on your back aren’t those of mere mortals. 

When Savannah Guthry receives an invitation to her cousin’s wedding back home in Charleston, South Carolina, her first thoughts aren’t of flowers and dresses. Instead, she is reminded of the groom: her first love and the reason she ended up at a college 500 miles away from home. 

Determined to show up and dazzle not only her ex but her spoiled cousin too, Savannah allows her friends to set her up on a series of dates looking for Mr. Right. 

However, juggling men has never been Savannah’s strong suit, and she soon realizes that the right guy isn’t always the one you expected it to be…and if she doesn’t hurry up, she might not find her own Prince Charming before Last Call.