Last Call - 20 Days of TEASE #14

Here's the deal...Plain and simple  
21 days till release = 20 Days of TEASE for you!

Last Call
A New Adult Romantic Comedy/Suspense
Release Date: 10/21/13

Meet Candace, the somewhat air-headed roommate ;)

Shot glasses clanked together as I stood with a small group of friends at The Garage in celebration of exams being over. Riley downed his shooter from across the bar, saluting us as ‘Get The Party Started’ by Pink began to blare through the speakers. Candace whooped, grabbed my hand and yanked me onto the relatively empty dance floor. Sara was fast on our heels, pulling a few of our friends in her wake.
“It’s our last year, and we are so going to make this one the best,” Candace laughed as she began to bounce around the floor.

And a little party soundtrack to go with the excerpt...