#AtoZ Challenge - L is for Live, Laugh, Love

Sooooo...I totally fell behind on my #A to Z Challenge last month :( 
Never fear I plan on finishing them all, it just might take me a few weeks.
My goal is to post from A to Z words of inspiration and encouragement.

So getting back to that today is:

L for Live, Laugh, Love

Living, something so many of us are too afraid to do. Why? Life is short. Go out and live it.

This is something if you know me you know I  can do well. I laugh.
I'm stupid, I do dumb things and act like a teenager. Yep, no shame.
Why? Because I want to have fun. I know how to be serious and professional when
the need arises, but those other times? Yeah,you'll find me singing Disney princess songs.

LOVE! This goes for loving people. I have found I am at my 
happiness when those I call my friends and family are happy.
Love is a true, true blessing in life - and it doesn't cost a thing!