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Genre: YA, PN Romance


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Beg For Mercy Excerpt

Maggie made a noise that sounded like she was trying to clear her throat to get my attention. My head snapped back to her.  I didn’t quite get the message that I saw on her face. Tilting her head at an odd angle, she gestured for me to give my attention to something. I gave her a quizzical look, mouthing ‘What’ until I followed her eyes down to the center of our circle. What I saw chilled me to my very core.  I really shouldn’t have come here tonight. 
A hand on my arm jolted me. I turned to the offender only to meet Flynn’s gaze. I hated how looking at him always seemed to render me speechless. It was the same effect he had on most girls including me, unfortunately. He was too gorgeous for words and worst yet he knew it. And being a junior and football team captain didn’t help his inflated ego. It had only given him the respect of the seniors above him as well as the rest of the school. His abilities to throw the ball and lead the team to state the past two years had sealed his position as the most popular boy in school. He walked down the halls of school like he owned them and to tell the truth he did. I hated him because of it. Girls were aware of his reputation of breaking hearts yet they continued to throw theirs at him time and time again. But I wasn’t going to fall for his shenanigans. Nope, not me.
“Flynn, she has a choice you know,” a voice came from somewhere beside me.  Turning my head, I saw Luke, I-couldn’t-remember-his-last-name. He too, I realized was crush worthy but paled in Flynn’s shadow.  It was hard to imagine that looking at him now. He was all golden skin and blond curls, looking much like the perfect California surfer. How had I forgotten he was sitting next to me? Staring at him only made me realize more just how cute he was.
Flynn and Luke were best friends. Yet, I’d hardly paid any attention to Luke these past two years.  I’d been too busy ignoring Flynn with the best of my abilities to know much about him. Then the light skirted the horizon of my brain. I had forgotten to count Luke. There weren’t seven of us. Luke made eight. Each pair was a couple except Luke and me. God help us all that I being set up with him?  
Dimly, I remembered hearing rumors that he’d broken up with his girlfriend a few weeks ago.  But at the moment I couldn’t remember the full story. I was too busy trying to reconcile with how I’d allowed myself to get into this situation. And how I could even be in the same room filled with what most of our classmates dubbed as the wealthiest and most beautiful people of our school, “the elite.” No one else in the school compared to them.
When Flynn’s hand dropped from my arm, I turned my head to fate as it pointed at me. “Come on, what are you going to do?”

I looked up this time to find it had been Amanda who’d spoken. Her voice was filled with disapproval but not with the anger I would have expected if I’d been Flynn’s girlfriend. But that was not how I operated. In fact, I simply didn’t date. I couldn’t even if I wanted to. It wasn’t just a moral decision as most would assume. I did it because I didn’t want anyone to die.