12 Days of Christmas #LastCall Cover Revamp - Day 7

Last Call is a story about finding love.

Some of this story is presented in flashbacks, allowing you to get an idea of what Savannah went through with her ex, Daniel. It was important to me to show you how wrecked she was at the loss of her first love. I had a Goodreads reader saying they couldn't read on because they didn't like how weak Savannah was at the beginning (in her flashbacks). Let's be  logical. If you were in love as a teen and had your heartbroken did you do dumb things? 

Did you listen to your playlists of love songs - or mix tapes ;) - and wallow in self-pity? Eat a pint of ice-cream? Call or text or stalk them on social media? Of course, a young girl who thought she was with her forever love was weak when he broke her heart. I write real characters, even if that means they aren't always kick butt.

The feelings Savannah goes through early on are loosely based on my experiences. First loves can hurt. It's amazing how much trust you lose when someone breaks your heart. It doesn't matter how old you are. 

And then you find this...

I know I found the perfect Prince. I wish you all lots of fairytale love too <3

And here we are another day closer...

Last Call is currently Available on all sites. Don't worry, the NEW cover will update if you buy it before its changed ;)

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