Awards are nice, but this is so much more than that... #UtopYA

I'm incredibly honored to be included among an amazing group of authors, designers, editors, bloggers, etc... who were nominated for the 2015 UtopYA Awards. What the celebrities say is true, it is an honor just to be nominated. These nominees are chosen by my peers - other panelists and authors who have attended UtopYA Con through the years - and it means a great deal to me.

The UtopYA community helped shape me. It was my first event as an author, it's where I met some of my very best friends and where I learned that all of the crazy authorly things I do are normal. It's also where my husband came to find a better understanding of my life and this book world and where my knowledge was expanded, and my creativity and passion was nurtured and celebrated.

So, thank you Janet Wallace and UtopYA friends! Whether I end up with a shiny trophy or not, I've already won.

If you feel inclined to vote, for me or any of the other deserving nominees, here is the link 

I wish everyone luck, but more than that I hope and pray that every attendee - nominee or not - grasps the larger meaning of this event. It's not about awards, making book sales or being the big shot in the room. It's about community, equal footing and #Liftasyouclimb