The one with the State of Michele...

I finished reading a book this morning because - no kids! Now I'm back at work. Here is your update on me:

- My NOLA project I've been researching and working on for my agent is my TOP priority. Why? Because if big things happen with it it can mean BIG things. You picking up what I'm laying down?

- I am also working on Tyalbrook and His Call on the side for my self-publishing schedule. I KNOW you've been waiting patiently. Thank you!

- Wrecked books will come to but they may be later this year.

I write what comes to me when it comes to me. I'm a VERY emotional writer. 2015 was a mess but I'm determined to make 2016 the BEST. Year. Ever. <--- like my excitement? Cheers to what's next. #update

#WEST will be releasing this month. I've decided to just drop it on your when I'm ready, so keep an eye out. It will be available on iBooks, Amazon, Kobo and Barnes and Noble.