I am a writer.

In this world, when so many aspects of our lives hang before us like the tail of a kite - swishing to and fro, wherever the wind chooses to blow - it is comforting to have absolutes.

 Those things that, no matter the test of time, hardships of life, busiest of moments or the most still, will never ever leave you.

The only TRUE absolutes we have are within ourselves.

Beauty fades, bodies fail, loved ones pass away, friends disappear, money comes and goes - the only thing that I KNOW will be with me until the day I die is what is within me. My absolutes... 

I have several things in my soul that will always be with me: my memories, my faith, my romantic spirit, my compassionate being and well-meaning motherly tendency. Those make up who I am. One more absolute I have, one I share with you? I'm a storyteller.

It's what I do. I first spun tales as a little girl playing dolls, house and dress-up. Then I wrote stories of love and drama during seventh-grade math. I went on to write lyrics and poems when I was sad over break-ups or life. I've always played stories in my head. Little movies, where I wrote the scripts and the girl always (or almost always) won the guy. 

I. Am. A. Writer.

I will always be a writer, a storyteller. This will not change. Books sales, popularity, awards, big money deals - those things do not make me a writer. How many fans I have on social media, how many bestsellers I do or do not have - those things do not make me a writer.

I know my heart will be weaving tales even if or when my hands and mind can no longer physically tell them - that is what makes me a writer.

That is my absolute.