#Review In This Life by Christine Brae

First, my disclaimer. I do NOT read to review books. I read books I want to read, and sometimes I write a review. I've read books for my very best friends that I have LOVED beyond words and not written them a review. I have also read books that I do not care for and not written a review. I am not paid in money, favors, likes, chocolate or anything else to leave reviews for books. 

Often times we are told as authors to not review other authors books. I HATE that mentality because I have always been a reader and as a reader I have an opinion. What I do believe in, is never bad mouthing a book. What I love you might hate, and what I hate you might love. Opinions are just that. Opinions.
This year I'm attempting to share more of the books I do love. I've always shared what I'm reading with you—through Pinterest and Goodreads—but I will now work to leave a few reviews.

NOTE: If I do not review a book that does NOT mean I didn't like it. 


My review:

Quite simply a beautiful love story.

In This Life, isn't your normal girl meets boy and falls in love tale. It's a story of friendship and betrayal, of love and pain. And very much a story of fate and master plans.

I firmly believe there are times in our lives when we have no say in the matter. When our paths are mapped out by someone much more knowledgeable than us and we can't fight it. Falling in love isn't always a choice.

Ms. Brae has taken this idea and mixed it with beautifully flowing prose. She weaves fantastic description in with heart-wrenching and warm dialogue using just the right balance.
Her believable characters may frustrate you as they make their decisions, but that is the mark of a great book. A book that a 2AM had me reading through tear-blurred eyes and sniffles.

In This Life, is worth the trip around the world Ms. Brae takes you on.



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In This Life
Christine Brae
Contemporary Romance, Adult
Released: Jan 22, 2016

Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere,
They’re in each other all along.
— Rumi