#MondayMelodies - KD Carrillo

Happy Monday friends! Today I'm happy to introduce K.D. Carrillo and her musical muse...

Right now I've got my very eclectic playlist rocking through my speakers, and my fingers flying across the keyboard.  Sometimes songs inspire what I'm writing, but more often I find songs based on what my character needs to hear at that moment.

I'm a writer, but not many people know that I started off expressing myself through music.  I've always searched for the perfect song to express what I'm feeling at a particular time in my life.  When I started giving into the urge to release my characters from my mind and onto the page I found myself playing the same song on loop to feel what I was writing.

When I started writing Destroy Me, which has some content a little closer to home than I'll describe, the songs really hit me.  Some of the songs expressed where I'd like to be at this stage in life, while others gutted me by reflecting how I feel right now.  The music helped me see Kate, and make her more real to me than any other character has yet.

Destroy Me has some dark elements of abuse and PTSD.  While the book is ultimately about healing, there are moments where the characters surrender themselves to the feelings created by the actions of others.  Sometimes there aren't words for these feelings, which was the case for Kate in one seen that may have brought some tears to my eyes.

Reed tries to tell her that he'll be there for when she needs him by playing, "I Will Wait," by Mumford and Sons (Mumford & Sons – I Will Wait).  Kate isn't ready to bare her soul to him at this point, but doesn't want him to wait for her when she feels too broken to be accepted.  She replies by playing him, "Slow it Down," by the Lumineers (The Lumineers – Slow It Down).

This is the part of the song that got me:

"I feel a filth in my bones.  Wash off my hands till it's gone.  The walls, they're closing in with velvet curtains..."

In the first line of the song I knew how Kate felt about herself, and I could see that Reed would feel it too.

Now I'm on to the last book in this series as well as a completely new project.  I'm discovering new artists, and new ways to be influenced by music. 

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