My Random Update & a Tiny WIP Tease

I know, I know!  I'm sorry I've been M.I.A. lately!!

A BIG thing happened last week.  You might have heard of it, I hit publish on a little
book I wrote.  Did you hear about that??  I hope you did!  If not you can click my little cover over to the right ----> there on  my sidebar and you can see the Amazon links to buy.  (I'm currently waiting on the  Nook version to go LIVE.)

SOOOO, let me update you on what's going on now...

1)  I just had to make a few minor editorial changes to Never Let You Fall :(  Despite our best effort a few small typos and formatting errors ran past us in my first batch of manuscripts.  BOO!  I admit this here because I want everyone to know that I am committed to providing a professional and polished book.
I have uploaded corrected versions of my MS to Amazon and B&N so all purchases going forward should be perfect *fingers crossed*.  
  I also mention this here to remind you that being an Indie author is HARD!  We do not have a team of people sitting around getting paid to proof and re-proof and then, yes, re-proof our copy.  We also have to pay for all editing, formatting, covers..etc..out of our own pocket with little hope of really ever recouping it all.
  Rest assured people I am not in this for the money!  It has always been my dream to be a writer and THAT is why I write.  I just thought I would fill you in a bit on the ever changing process.

2)  The first one is out of the way!  YAY!  Book number two and three and so on will get easier and easier.  This means-hopefully- less headache for me and no mistakes for you!  The most difficult thing I have found during the publishing process was the formatting of my manuscript.  I've always considered myself PC savy but I tell you- every site wants a different file and format.  Then centering won't center and the footers won't format....GAH!!  Hopefully I now have this down and it will only take me a few hours instead of days next time!

3)  Next time you say??  Yes!  There will be a next time :)  I am finally able to start cranking out the two books that are dueling for attention in my crazy little brain!  One is the sequel to Never Let You Fall and the other is a New Adult (college age) Romantic Comedy type of book that I am super excited to write!!

4)  Personally my life is crazy right now!  Just thought I would fill you in on that.  Currently I am:
  • Finishing up the school year for my 3 kids.  That's K, 2 and 8th grade.
  • Getting said 8th grader ready for testing and graduation.
  • Dance, Dance, Dance - yep it's recital time!  We are in prep mode for my little Belle and her 3 dances  at recital this year.  That's 3 picture days, 3 rehearsal days, one more week of classes and then the big event.  The fun never ends huh?  
  • Getting son #2 ready for his next karate testing.  He is a recommended black belt and has 3 tests to go for that coveted BLACK!
  • Doing lots of renovations on our house - I'm in a clean it up or throw it out mood.  That also requires painting, planting and sprucing up.
  • Getting ready for our annual Memorial Day camping trip.
  • Preparing for student camp in June followed by UTOPYAcon and then a trip home to Bama.
So yep that's me right now.  Since that was all boring stuff to you how about if I leave you with a little something??

This is a completely unedited (and may not even make the cut) excerpt from my New Adult WIP...

I sidle my way through a crowd of ladies, a cloud of perfume gagging me as I push by. Eyeing them as I go I recognize the very cougar-ish capacity they have. The Garage is known as the date spot in town. A combination restaurant by day, club by night, it is a happening place in this little college town. A group of woman who look to be in their upper 30’s with four inch heels and a pound of makeup on screams cougars!
I find one empty stool at the far end of the mahogany bar, take a seat and set my little clutch in front of me. There are two bartenders tonight both wearing all black and looking extremely busy. The one closest to me looks up and smiles politely, calling out, “I’ll be right with you.”
Nodding back I peruse the wine menu while I wait. A loud cackle like laugh pulls me from the menu and I glance up to find one of the cougars draped over the bar flirting, unashamedly, with the other bartender. Said cougar is wearing a skin tight red dress and her boobs are in immediate danger of toppling out of it. She is a pretty woman with chin length black hair that looks to have been shellacked into place. Gold earrings dangle from her lobes and a gaudy gold necklace is trapped between her very full breasts.

Have a GREAT week and I have more updates, teases and interviews for you soon!