Tuesday Tease and more bloggers!

One of the best things about the Indie writing community is how much support they offer you.  

I am so freaking pleased with all of the awesomesauce bloggers and writers who are sharing in my Supa Dupa Mega Crazy One Week Blog Tour June 9th through the 16th.

Here are my stops for Wednesday, June 12th:

Check out these awesome bloggers soon for some bookish fun and great recommendations.  These people know what they're doing and you might find some cool giveaways running on their pages too!

Also, don't forget to check back with them on June 12th for my blog tour fun!
 (Hint- there will be a giveaway)

I leave you today with a small tease from book two.  *Remember this is an unedited snippet that may or may not make the final book.

You get to hear from Skye today - this is kind of a spoiler after the ending to Never Let You Fall as it gives you a little information on where she ends up at some point in book two ;)

In front of me lay a small piece of fabric, a needle still held in place where she had last left it.  There were tiny birds embroidered in and along an ivy like vine.  They made a dainty unfinished circle around the swirling fancy letters “AMS”.  It was a monogram.  My monogram, I realized, although I had no idea what the ‘A’ stood for.  Tears spilled over my lids as I thought about my mother lovingly creating this for me over fifteen years ago.

Happy Reading...