Meet the King...Tuesday Tease

If you haven't read Never Let You Fall yet (WHAT!!!) then you may want to skip this little tease
for book two.

Please give a big round of applause for the often mentioned, never before seen King..McClintock.

“My dear do you actually believe the story of the Guardians? What did they tell you anyway,” he questioned.  He held up his hand to stop me from speaking. “Let me tell you what they said. That someone, possibly me, over threw your parents substantial army and killed them. That in a rush to keep you safe they grabbed you and left Tyalbrook for- what is it, another dimension? They let you believe that your parents would actually allow someone to take you away from them. That I, a close friend of your mothers from childhood, would order her and your father dead,” he fumed, his voice getting deeper and louder with every word.
“I don’t…I,” words escaped me as I sat there listening to him speak. Was everything that I had been told wrong? Had I trusted Xander and Rioden blindly? I felt sweat bead up on my forehead, my ears began to roar.

*Please note that this little snippet is unedited and may change.

Also, I am happy to tell you today that the name of book 2 will indeed be

Never Let You Go

AND the cover will feature Xander as well as Skye!!! Woot! 

I've added the book to Goodreads too so I would LOVE it if you would add it to your shelves

I promise I will be narrowing down a book blurb to post soon!