Tuesday Tease - Xander in action! Never Let You Go

We are getting closer to Never Let You Go!! I'm wishing for a late January 2014 release but with the holidays it might be early February. Keep your fingers crossed editing goes smoothly.

Here is a peak at Xander in action...

(Xander POV)

With no time to worry about my wound, I searched the vicinity for my attacker. I spotted Taithin standing nearby, having circled around after I was unseated. I jogged to his side as the dark shadow of my attacker materialized again. The moonlight reflecting the cold metal of his raised sword.
Using my good arm, I slid my sword out of its scabbard while my injured arm grasped for my dagger. Adrenaline masked my pain and fueled my movement as I shifted around. The shadow barreled forward closing in on me. His black cape billowing ominously behind him. I braced for battle, my body angled sideways.
Mentally, I counted down the moments before impact. As he reached my position, the soldier slowed his horse imperceptibly as his wide blade sliced through the air. Sparks flew into the night as our swords struck. The contact was so savage, the vibrations jarred my teeth. His death blow was deflected with the upswing of my blade as I nimbly dipped out of the way. I swung around with my dagger and jabbed it into his leg forcefully. The momentum of his horse jerked me off my feet as I hung on to the dagger tightly, feeling it tear through his leg muscles.
The moment my enemy pulled back his sword I dropped mine. His horse let out a irritated whinny as he slowed more. Pain shot through my arm still clinging to the dagger. It felt dangerously close to ripping from its socket. Ready to get off of this pony ride, my free hand gripped the black cloak. I gave it a violent yank while I simultaneously twisted the dagger lodged into his leg. An inhuman howl of pain rose out of him as he slid backwards from his horse in a writhing heap of pain.
Wasting no time, I jumped on him. My my knee slammed into his gut as I grabbed his neck and ground out, “who are you and why are you following me?”

What do you think? Action packed enough for you?
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