Suspending DisBelief - can you do it?

How are you at suspending disbelief?

I was chatting with my gal Sarah Ashley Jones today about her new WIP (it's gonna be awesome, all suspense thriller-like) and we began to chat about how much we can write in our books without having to explain it. How far can we go?

Can you suspend disbelief when you read and go with the story or do you want explanations and why's?

An example that come's to mind is a review for Never Let You Fall I received way back in June (or maybe May, but whatevs) the review couldn't understand how the character Selene, a sorceress of some sort, could create a light orb (ball of light) but couldn't dry the characters off after a rainfall.

Um, I didn't say she couldn't dry them. Maybe she could have, maybe not..why does that matter? I feel like this was something that didn't need to be questioned. Suspend reality a little and just go with the story I tell.

A supreme example I read about recently came from Harry Potter nitpickers.
People complain about the time turner Hermione wears and uses to save Serious Black and Buckbeak in HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Many people complain that if they could travel time why didn't someone use that method to go back and save Dumbledore.


Why so nit picky?? I recall Hermione turned the time turner in at the end of HPatPoA so it's a moot point anyway BUT they didn't use it because then the story would have changed!

So tell me..are you a nit picker? Do you read things and question how it works or how can she love him (sleeping with Bigfoot, anyone?), how do they not get caught, or where do they get all that money?
OR are you someone who get's lost in the story and where it's taking you regardless of the occasional unbelievable things that happen?

If you do nit pick I'd love to know what types of book, scenes, or connect usually irks you the most. What is your biggest no-no when it comes to books and you being able to just go with the story?

I will share my one area of nit picking. It just so happens that I have a hard time reading about relationships without fussing. Especially if its the bad boy thing. The one thing that totally drives me mad is when a girl is watching the bad boy with other girls - especially those morning after scenes - and then remarks how he makes her heart flutter. Ick! No! I don't care how hot you are if you've just screwed around with another girl it's hard for me to buy the whole "I want him so bad" vibe.  However - I should disclaimer that by saying I totally read those book ALL the time and fall for the guy in the end too ;) It's just a harder sell for me.

Come on people, inquiring minds want to know!!