Tuesday Tease - Never Let You Go

I'm doing a crazy different Tuesday Tease today, since release day is on THURSDAY!!!!
I thought I'd have a little fun.

Never Let You Go, Prophecy of Tyalbrook Series, Book Two

I asked my beauiful #Fierce5 pal, Sarah Ashley Jones, to pick us any three words. Now Sarah hasn't read Never Let You Go yet, so this was totally random on her part.

The word LOVE in all of its forms (love, loved, loevely) is found 73 times. Including:
“It’s alright. I love you, Skye. I’ve always loved you…I’m-” 

The word RUN in all of its forms is found 45 times. Including:
I deciphered the noise as footsteps, a lot of them, and they were running my way.

The word SCREAM is all of its forms is found 27 times. Including:
The terror in the piercing scream was familiar, and all at once I became aware that the sound came from me.

Also, in case you were wondering, the entire story is roughly 91,780 words

And now for your totally random page tease brought to you by #Fierce5 member, Starla Huchton's, awesome number picking...

Immediately my skin began to crawl. Someone had been there while I was away. I could sense it.
“Skye!” demanded Nickoli when he reached the open doorway. “What the hell was that downstairs? I thought we agreed you would act amenable to everything going on and let me handle things?” He sounded as breathless as I felt.
I faced him reluctantly. “Someone was in here.”
“I cannot help you find the truth if you do not…wait - what?” he asked; his face registering what I’d said. He rushed forward as I repeated, “Someone was in here.”
“I didn’t leave the window open. In fact, I haven’t opened it since the night I was attacked. I can feel it…Semvon, or something else magical, was here.”
He nudged me aside to take a peek out into the inner ward below. He shook his head and pulled me away from the opening; closing the shutters tightly as we went.
“Did you look out?” Nickoli asked, and then knelt and checked under the bed. I followed suit. I scanned the room; checking behind the bathing screen and floor-to-ceiling tapestry. Nickoli went so far as to check the cabinet with my dresses.
“There is no one here. Come with me to my room and we will check it, too.”
We thoroughly examined his chamber, then decided to move on to Manda’s and knocked on her door. She was already dressed for bed and denied hearing anything, but Nickoli swept her room ‘just in case’.
“Where is Pate?”
“He has not arrived yet, Nickoli. He should be here soon.”
“Skye, stay here while I go gather extra guards for the floor,” he ordered as he stalked off; yelling over his shoulder, “And secure the door!”
Manda took my arm and ushered me towards her table. “What is this all about?” 

See you Thursday!!!