Tuesday Tease - NEW WIP Tease

Guess what?? Never Let You Go released on January 30th (Here's that post if you missed it )
So, now I get to start teasing you with a new book!!

Yep, I'm pretty excited about it.
So here is a little look into my new WIP (work in progress)
This is a Young Adult Realistic Fiction w/Romance (of course!)
If you're not familiar with the different genres we use in the book world, realistic fiction is pretty simple to define. It is something that didn't actually happen (fiction) but could totally happen (realistic). Many contemporary books these days technically fall into this category.

First, here is a song that is rocking my playlist for this WIP...I LOVE Delta Rae
Dance in the Graveyards is just an awesome song that speaks a little to the theme of this book.
(I know many of my friends in other countries can't get Spotify but you can find this song and video on You Tube if you choose to check it out)

~ Meet West Rutledge and Jules Blacklin 

*Don't forget teases are subject to change and editing is spotty, so don't judge ;)

“Jujube?” West snickered softly behind her. “I like that just about as much as Buffy.”
“Way to go, K. Be careful!” She called out before she shifted her shoulders a tad to speak to West. “And only Katie and Tanya are allowed to call me that, Spike.”
“Duly noted.”
“Did I ask you if you were all right, yet?” Her head had begun to pound and she couldn’t remember if she’d checked on his health.
“Yeah, you did. I think I’m okay. I’m sure something took a chunk out of my back, but I can manage.”
“I’m fine, it hurts and I can feel some blood but it’s not bad. I’ve had plenty of injuries, Buffy.”
“We’re trapped in tornado wreckage, think you could stop making fun now?” She muttered, her voice sounded hazy to her own ears.
“I don’t feel so good. I feel dizzy.”
“Dizzy? Did you hit your head? Jules are you injured? Can you feel any blood?”
“I don’t think so. I don’t know…my temple hurts though. West, are we going to get out of here?”
“Yes, most definitely.” He promised. She felt his free arm start to prod her head, running over her temple and forehead. “I don’t feel any blood -”
“That’s a good thing since you’re an evil vampire and all…” she murmured, her voice fading away.
West growled at her, “Then you better stay awake, Jules. You wouldn’t want me to take advantage of you, after all.” His breathing picked up and she heard the panic in his voice as he shook her arm lightly. “Jules? Jules…c’mon now wake up!”
“Buffy…” she reminded him before she lost consciousness.

Whatcha think? I'm around 30K already on this one - you won't have to wait long for it. It's been an obsession for me while I've been clearing my mind after finishing Never Let You Go.
I like to take a break between each book in my series so I can go back at it with a fresh perspective.
Maybe next week I will reveal the title and a little more about the characters.