How about a first kiss??

I was inspired today by an article over on on TV Couples' first kisses. The list (you can click on that link to see it) included two of my favorite television shows (Friends and Gilmore Girl) as well as several more jaw dropping (and FINALLY!) first kisses. 

So I thought I would flashback and share Skye and Xander's
first kiss from Never Let You Fall <3
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Who doesn't love a great first kiss??

His eyes were on fire as he stared down at me, and then he lowered his head slowly as I lifted mine to his; both of us giving the other time to back out.
But there was no way in hell I was backing down from this. 
His forehead met mine and an audible sigh left his lips.  Cupping my cheeks, his long fingers splayed out and wrapped down over my jaw line and onto my neck.  His thumbs stroked my face softly.  He held us there for an eternity, our breath mingling, and I closed my eyes so that I could savor his touch, his smell.
"Skye," he breathed, his deep voice full of need.  "Look at me, beautiful."
I dug my fingers into his back and slowly opened my eyes, as he pulled his head back slightly so that we were no longer touching.  It felt like time had stood still.  The sun was beginning to set.  Cars and people were passing us by. 
But all I saw was Xander, five inches from my face.
I heard myself whimper.  It was low and needy, and I wasn't even sure if he’d heard it.  Just when I thought for sure that he hadn't, his hands tightened on my face and he pulled me closer again...foreheads touched, noses skimmed, lips met.
My world exploded when his soft lips touched mine, and we both gasped.  His lips immediately took ownership of mine; his tongue running lightly across my bottom lip.  My fists tangled into his shirt to hold me up. 
I wanted to melt into him.


Nothing, and I mean nothing had prepared me for the moment when my lips touched Skye's.  Her fingers were digging into my back, pulling me closer to her.  I wanted to make her mine, to mark her as my territory. 
I had intended to kiss her slowly, but the moment we made contact I lost all control.  I felt her gasp as I ran my tongue over her bottom lip.  A smile crossed my lips as I heard that small sound, and I immediately swept my tongue into her mouth to take possession of it.
Keeping hold of her face with one hand, I let the other one run down her neck, her arm and finally rested it on her hip.  I gripped her belt loop and tightened my hold on her, pulling her as close to my body as I could. 

Her tongue teased me as she alternated between playing with mine and pulling away, and then flicking forward like a snake.

Are you inspired? Got a great first kiss story to tell? I wanna hear it!!

I can't recall my first kiss with my hubby (uhoh!) I kept a journal and I wrote the date and where but I can't visualize it. I DO recall our first "real" date and that kiss! It was just a sweet innocent peck on the lips but man oh man, I've never forgotten that moment, there was such a connection between us.

I also totally remember the first time a guy (we're FB friends, so I will keep the name to myself) tried to stick his tongue in my mouth! UGH! I was in 6th grade and I pulled back like I'd been bitten by a snake, I had no idea what to do - LOL.

I also seem to recall a boy kissing me on the playground after school on the swing set. This was like 3rd or 4th grade.  Maybe I dreamed this up...I've been know to make up stories in my head from time to time ;)