Tuesday Tease - From The Wreckage

Happy day after Tuesday ;)  I had a crazy day but didn't want to skimp out on  posting a small tease and some news.

News first...From The Wreckage is available on PRE-Order RIGHT NOW on iTunes, Barnes & Nobles and Kobo. This means you can buy it now, be billed on June 12th, and the book will be delivered right to you device on release day! BEST part? It's only 99¢ That's right 99 pennies for PRE-Orders only!! Now if you don't have one of those devices and you shop Amazon, don't worry. I can't do pre-orders there, but I will offer FTW for 99¢ for a VERY limited time after release. When I say VERY I mean about 3 days.

What you need to do Amazon people is go to my Author page - HERE - and to the far right you will see a little box like this:

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Click on that and Amazon can email you to remind you FTW is available and you can grab it at the intro price of 99¢ BECAUSE this is a ONE time only sale! Yep, early birds get the deals ;)

Pre-Order links...
iTunes ~ Barnes & Nobles ~ Kobo

Now for a small excerpt...

 "I won't mess with what you have with him, Jules. That's not my style. But..." She holds her breath at the 'but'. "I don't know if I can stay away from you. Can we be friends, at least? I can't imagine not being able to look at this hand, even if I can't hold it again."
She nods again, unable to speak for fear of breaking down.
"Give me your cell."
She wrinkles her brow as she pulls the cell phone from her purse and hands it to him. Jules watches as he silently types something and then lifts the flap of her bag up and drops the phone back in.
"My number, in case you ever need anything. You know, since we're friends and all."
All she can do is mumble “Thanks”. She’s in shock at his request that they be friends. She doesn’t want to be friends with West…does she? No. She wants to kiss him. She wants him to hold her close and keep her safe. Heaven help her, she is confused! His next question only makes her more confused.
"Tomorrow is going to be hard for you. Will he be there?"
"He's supposed to ride with me and my parents. He'll be back in the morning," she explains; her voice cracking, but managing to hold the tears at bay.
West nods. "Okay then. I'll be there too." He leans down and presses a warm kiss to her cheek, which surprises her. "I'll be the one mentally holding this hand," he murmurs, and lifts her fingers to his lips.
"The magical hand?"
"Yeah, the very magical hand. I told you it was my anchor."