#TuesdayTease - Out of Ruins by Michele G Miller

Can you believe today is July 1st??
Only 16 more days until Out of Ruins is here!!

I changed my Facebook cover page last night to this pretty, did you see it?

I love seeing my covers side by side.

Today I'm giving you a little tease into book two of the series. Out Of Ruins picks up right where From The Wreckage left off. The great thing about this series is while it's a series of three books, I end each one in a place that leaves you hopeful for the future - just like my characters are. 
They aren't cliffhangers written to kill you, I promise!
Out Of Ruins follows our characters as they start their senior year and they fight to overcome their lingering guilt and pain and they begin to face the new realities of their lives after the storm. 

If you haven't grabbed From The Wreckage, here are all the links:
Amazon (E-book & Paperback)
Amazon UK,AU
Barnes & Noble (E-book & Paperback)

You can pre-order Out Of Ruins for only 99¢ at
It will be 99¢ for 48 hours only after release on ALL sites and will then go to 
its regular price of $2.99 

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Goodreads link - http://bit.ly/OOR-GRlink

Enjoy this small preview and Happy reading <3