#TuesdayTease - Into The Fire, Wrecked#1

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If you've read Out of Ruins and All That Remains then you've met Dani. She plays a small roll in West and Jules' story but her own story is much bigger. And darker.
While writing Out of Ruins this girl jumped out at me. She was larger than life in my head and I knew I was going to have to write more of her. It wasn't planned, honestly these characters take on a life of their own! So I gave her some time in All That Remains thinking she'd quiet down. Nope, I knew I wasn't done with her yet. That is why you find the 'Authors Note' in the back of All That Remains letting you know about the Wrecked series coming soon. Dani created Wrecked. 

I tried in vain during September and October to ignore her. I said I was going to wait until next year to write her story - I have other books I NEED to write first.

Dani did ^^^^ THAT!

She won't shut up people! This girl had haunted me. I'd see these little glimpses into her life and I'd run to jot them down and then go back to Never Without You. Then two crazy things happened. 

1) The amazing Regina Wamba at Mae I Design had the perfect cover photo for me. *cue angels singing and sun shining down* 
2) The final piece of the puzzle hit me in the head on my three hour drive to YALL FEST on November 6th.

This is the same event that jump started my writing career back in 2012. How funny that the drive there this year would give Dani's story a clear direction. I'd been debating on a few things and my road trip, coupled with a LOT of very loud singing in the car, brought everything to me. Dani's story was ready. 

Today you get a small taste of Dani....(subject to editing and change before final release)   

“How about you tell me something that makes you angry. Anything,” Dr. Panos suggests.
For the past four weeks, Gram has dragged me into Dr. Panos' office and forced me to spend an hour sitting in her black leather chair so I could be subjected to a barrage of questions I had no intention of answering. Each session has been the same. A staring contest, a battle of wills. Dr. Panos stares at me, and I stare at the tiles on her ceiling. All one hundred and ninety-two of them.
“These sessions make me angry,” I reply, and immediately regret breaking. I’ve answered a handful of her questions these past four weeks; I’m sure she is delighted I’ve opened my mouth.
“How about healing? Does your healing make you angry?”
Tricky woman. Today’s score: Panos - 1 Dani - 0. I resolve not to answer her again.
Later that evening, I analyze the way I felt when Dr. Panos asked me that question. She hit a button, she made me answer her. Healing, does it make me angry?
Yes. That’s an easy answer. Telling why it makes me angry, that’s harder.
Why would I be angry about my body healing? A few months ago I would be in excruciating pain if I so much as moved wrong. For weeks I laid in a bed, heavily sedated, as doctors and nurses cleaned and prepped my burnt skin on a daily basis. It never mattered how much medication they gave me; unless they put me to sleep, I could feel the pain.

The pain was comforting in a strange way because I deserved it.