Christmas gift #2: His Call #tease....

My Christmas gift to you...teasers and scenes from my upcoming novels. Projects you know, Never Without You, Into The Fire and His Call, as well as perhaps some secret projects you've not heard of yet. Keep an eye on this blog the entire month of December because you never know when I'll be 
sharing some goodness....

Also, NO. I don't have release dates yet for any of these titles. When I do I will be sure to shout it at the top of my lungs! I know I'm behind schedule, but you have to trust that I'm not rushing them for a reason. The best story takes time.

Today's gift is for my Last Call fans

Last Call Dualogy, book 2

**Please remember this is unedited and subject to change before publication.**

The elevator doors barely had time to open before I wedged my body through the opening. I rushed down the hall, unlocked and threw open the door, to find Krys perched on the edge of the leather sofa, a glass of wine halfway to her lips. 
Out of breath, my eyes scanned the room. “What’s wrong? Where is she?”  
“She locked herself in the bathroom. Your girlfriend is a drunk crier.” 
“Not normally, Krys. What did you do to her?” I snapped. 
Not waiting for her answer, I dropped my keys by the door and sent an irritated glance her way as I walked through the powder room to the bathroom door. 
"Sav? Baby, you okay?” I called as I knocked lightly. 
The running water of the shower was my only reply. Since she obviously couldn’t hear me, I decide to get some answers from Krys who attacked me before I could enter back into the living room. 
“Why the hell do you assume I did something? I’m just the babysitter here.” 
“Because it’s you. Trouble follows you wherever you go.”
“Screw you.”