#TuesdayTease - Into The Fire

Exciting news! I have a cover and a blurb for 'Into The Fire' so I'll be sharing that very very soon. I'll also try and set a release date very soon.
Until then here's a little tease...

All the way home I stare at my name scribbled in familiar chicken scratch across the pale purple envelope. No one has called me Dani in a year. It was his nickname for me. Jonah. He started it when we were just kids…
A memory from grade school flashes before me - a crowded table at lunch and a gorgeous blond-haired boy frowning because he accidentally called me Dani in front of a bunch of boys in our class.

“Dani? Oooooo,” the crowd teases, and Jonah’s cheeks turn crimson as he lowers his head. Giggles follow as one of the girls seated near me leans over, her lips forming a perfect ‘O’ before she asks, “Are you and Jonah boyfriend and girlfriend now?”
“Ewww, no! He’s like my brother,” I protest, and more giggles fill our table.
“Boys are so stupid,” says Julia, a stuck up little thing who always wants to be the center of attention. "Plus, Dani is a boy’s name."
Now it's my turn to frown.
“It's a nickname, and I like it,” I argue back, perhaps a little too forcefully, and Jonah lifts his head, a lopsided grin on his face. We hold each other’s gaze as though we’re sharing a secret.

Perhaps we were sharing a secret back then. Our tight-knit bond was never understood by our friends, especially not at the age when they all thought members of the opposite sex had cooties. The memory makes my heart hurt. After that day, friends slowly began calling me Dani. It stuck, but it was always Jonah’s first.

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