Our #MCM is Ridley Goss from Love in C Minor

Our #MCM is Ridley Goss. Wanna know why? Well, you can grab #LoveinCMinor at a discount through #preorder and find out on April 27th! This small-town, guitar playing, rancher's son might be trouble ... but a little bit of trouble is good for the soul. 

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“I was worried I was going to have to cut across the orchard and walk down to the gas station,” I tease, opening the door to Ridley before he makes it to our porch.
Ridley stops ten feet away and cocks his head to the left. “You would have done no such thing,” he says, pushing his dark hair out of his eyes.
“It rained last night and those are your favorite boots. The orchard would be a mud pit.”


Love in C Minor is Book #1 in The Backroads Duet. This is a sweet contemporary romance. #Romance #SweetLove

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