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Seventeen-year-old Reagan seems like the perfect small-town girl. Dubbed a saint by her older brother, Lincoln, she serves the community, makes straight A’s, attends church, spends her summers working with special needs children, and is a piano playing prodigy.

When you’re the daughter of the mayor and the police chief in a sleepy Kansas town, toeing the line is easier than the alternative.

That is, until her brother’s best friend changes the rules.

Reagan’s been subject to Ridley’s antics her entire life. Growing up, he tormented and teased her, but he kept his distance—until now. When Ridley breaks a promise, late night phone calls and secret rendezvous in the haystacks quickly transform into a reckless, all-consuming love.

Some promises are meant to be broken. Some secrets will not be contained, and sometimes the consequences we render are more than we can bear.

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Two realizations deprive my lungs of life-sustaining breath as I step onto my back patio for the first time in two months. First, the August air is abnormally stifling in Kansas today. And second, Ridley Goss—The Player, my brother’s best friend, my childhood tormentor, and star of my daydreams—is here. He’s also the guy who—judging by his current position—can’t keep his tongue out of Whitney Reisman’s throat. My chest aches. I’m sucking in my first deep breath since walking outside when a third realization punches me in the gut—life in Ellbury is exactly the way it was before I left.

Welcome home, Reagan Meeks.

It was foolish really, to assume anything here would change just because I had. I’ve spent the majority of the last three summers away. Nothing had ever changed when I returned to Ellbury. Well, nothing except for the start and demise of relationships. And the color of the Marshall’s house from beige to grey. So why did I expect this year to be different? Maybe because Wyatt Zimmerman opened his mouth and unraveled every decision I was once so sure of.

I should knock Whitney into the pool with my flip flop. Or maybe cannonball my body in the perfect direction sending an arc of water right where she stands. No, Reagan. That wouldn’t be very nice. But her bleached blonde hair should not cascade down her back so perfectly when she’s here to swim. Is she wearing makeup? Only Whitney, a self-proclaimed Queen Bee, would care that much. She should care a little less. My bonehead of a brother and his friends aren’t hard to impress.

My gaze strays to Ridley’s naked torso. His naturally tan skin is darker from the summer sun. When did he get here? Five minutes ago, I peeked out and it was Lincoln, Whitney, and her posse. How in the time I took to change did Ridley show up, get half-naked, and find himself mouth to mouth with Whitney? Plus, he has his guitar strapped around his back. Lucky piece of wood.


The one with the secret project reveal...

Who loves the 90s? After writing three books set in the 90s with Mindy, I thought we were done. But all the baby tees, grunge, and lingo called us back. I'm excited to announce our secret project for this fall ...

10 things I love about you is a collection of NEW stories by ten (technically eleven, since Mindy and I are a duo) authors put together by the amazing WAWA Productions team of Janet Wallace and Regina Wamba. Each story celebrates a fabulous year in the 90s and is named after a song from that year. Better still, a portion of every sale goes to The 90s, ten great stories, and a charitable donation? What could possibly be bad about this?  

We're buggin at being included in this project. More to come soon! Peace out.

With a name like 10 things, how could we say no to this project?!? BTW It still hurts to watch this! Heath :(

With a name like 10 things, how could we say no to this project?!? BTW It still hurts to watch this! Heath :(

Prologue to Tyalbrook

I am slowly working on Never Without You the third, and presumably final, book in the Tyalbrook series. 
The story has morphed through the years. Originally it was a bit of a dare—Hey, Michele! I dare you to finally write that book you've always planned on writing.
So, write a book I did. Then a funny thing happened. I wrote another and another. Now I'm planning release #11 for February and I'm still trying to finish that first series up. 

I didn't plan for a trilogy when I started Tyalbrook. I planned on a standalone story. My husband's excitement as I plotted, is what turned it into something more. My love of good stories and other fantasies is what has made it difficult to finish. I'm not the same writer I was when I wrote Never Let You Fall. I've grown. I took a small idea and published it not realizing people would actually read it! So here I sit trying to craft a story that will make both you—the reader—and me—the creator—happy.  

Here is a little something I wrote a while back that is no longer going into the 3rd book. It's a prologue between Skye and Xander's mom's pre-attack on Castle Montibello. Not edited and very rough ... just something for fun :)

“Look at them,” I smiled. “So beautiful, so peaceful. No idea of what is to come.” 

“Kerra . . .” 

“Perhaps we should rethink this plan, Delia. Perhaps I should bring her to Griffin.”


“He could bring her to Hivernia, protect her there—”

“Kerra! That will not work. We have discussed this.” Delia reminded me.

Smoothing a dark curl from Arabella’s forehead I stood and wandered to the window. The sky was dark this morning. Heavy, foreboding clouds blotted what little light the sun provided. The dreary weather caused chills on my arms as below my chamber window, a band of men rushed across the bailey. 

I spoke my thoughts. “I do not know if I can let her go.”

A hand settled on my shoulder. “Maybe it will not come to that.”

“It will. I can feel it. Here—” I pressed a palm to my chest, trying in vain to hold the pain at bay. 

“You must keep hope alive,” Delia coaxed as her hand squeezed my shoulder affectionately. “If we have to run I will protect her with my life, you know I will. We will. Until then let us enjoy them.”

She perched on the edge of the bed, where I’d been but a moment before, and smiled. Arabella and Xander lay sleeping side by side. Their dark heads tipped toward each other. Xander’s fingers touched the white sleeping gown Arabella wore. Only toddlers and yet their connection was already more powerful than anyone had ever seen.

Skye and Xander

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The one with the handy reading order guide

I am currently writing what we are calling From The Wreckage #4, After The Fall. After the Fall is Austin's story. It does have some Jules and West but it isn't being written to extend their story, it is for Austin. The reason we're calling it book #4 is that even though it can stand on its own, I wanted people to know that reading it first WILL obviously spoil the first three books to some degree. 

I've put together this handy dandy reading order guide for the series. Isn't it cute? If you've read From The Wreckage, Out of Ruins and All That Remains and still want more don't forget to check out West. West gives you a new insight into the events in book one and gives you more Austin. 
I'll be sharing a lot of Austin coming up so hang tight. Also, don't despair on the Jules and West front—if you're missing them and want more, stay patient. I have some ideas ;)

You’re damn lucky you’re alive, dude, cause now I don’t have to kill you.” I open my eyes to find Austin hovering above me. Reaching over my body, he grabs a pillow and smacks me across the back of my shoulders.
“Damn it, Austin. What the hell?” I growl, pushing blindly at his body.
“I’m happy to see you too, baby bro.” He punches my side as he sits on the edge of my bed, and I groan.
— West: A From The Wreckage Novel

A little Tyalbrook for you...

Lately, I've heard the whisperings of a Guardian. He's waiting for me to play.

Tyalbrook readers, I've heard your pleas. I promise I haven't forgotten my lovely Skye and her saviors, Xander and Nickoli. I haven't forgotten Amandalyn, Emmeline, and Cillian. I've been sensing that tingling pull of my soul begging for my return to Tyalbrook so I can continue their story.

I'm hoping it will be soon.