Happy SIXTH birthday to Tyalbrook!

Happy SIXTH birthday to the book that changed my life.
I wrote Never Let You Fall as a dare from my husband. My youngest had started Kindergarten and I was thinking of going back to school. Hubby knew my passion was writing—he's loved me since I was 16. He knows everything!— so he said "write a book while you have the time. Just do it." Okay then...

It is dedicated to the four people who rule my world: 
To Grayson, Gabriel, and Isabelle - you inspire me daily. 
Always remember to hold fast to your dreams; they CAN come true.

To Jonathan -
Thank you for never letting me fall.
I love you with all my heart and soul.

The journey has changed many times. I'm still working on the final book (I know, I know). I've met the most precious people through writing—my tribe. I've traveled, had success and failures, and found myself again. I did all this because I was brave enough to try...

“You’re not a girl. You’re a princess, remember? You are so much stronger than you know. You’ll see.” --Xander to Skye.

I hope you know how strong you are. I hope you are brave enough to never give up on your dreams. And I pray you have someone who supports you and your passion relentlessly. If you need a tribe, let me know. I know people ;)

Thank you, friends, for sticking with me for six years. Cheers to six more!

Never Let You Fall: books2read.com/TyalbrookOne

Prologue to Tyalbrook

I am slowly working on Never Without You the third, and presumably final, book in the Tyalbrook series. 
The story has morphed through the years. Originally it was a bit of a dare—Hey, Michele! I dare you to finally write that book you've always planned on writing.
So, write a book I did. Then a funny thing happened. I wrote another and another. Now I'm planning release #11 for February and I'm still trying to finish that first series up. 

I didn't plan for a trilogy when I started Tyalbrook. I planned on a standalone story. My husband's excitement as I plotted, is what turned it into something more. My love of good stories and other fantasies is what has made it difficult to finish. I'm not the same writer I was when I wrote Never Let You Fall. I've grown. I took a small idea and published it not realizing people would actually read it! So here I sit trying to craft a story that will make both you—the reader—and me—the creator—happy.  

Here is a little something I wrote a while back that is no longer going into the 3rd book. It's a prologue between Skye and Xander's mom's pre-attack on Castle Montibello. Not edited and very rough ... just something for fun :)

“Look at them,” I smiled. “So beautiful, so peaceful. No idea of what is to come.” 

“Kerra . . .” 

“Perhaps we should rethink this plan, Delia. Perhaps I should bring her to Griffin.”


“He could bring her to Hivernia, protect her there—”

“Kerra! That will not work. We have discussed this.” Delia reminded me.

Smoothing a dark curl from Arabella’s forehead I stood and wandered to the window. The sky was dark this morning. Heavy, foreboding clouds blotted what little light the sun provided. The dreary weather caused chills on my arms as below my chamber window, a band of men rushed across the bailey. 

I spoke my thoughts. “I do not know if I can let her go.”

A hand settled on my shoulder. “Maybe it will not come to that.”

“It will. I can feel it. Here—” I pressed a palm to my chest, trying in vain to hold the pain at bay. 

“You must keep hope alive,” Delia coaxed as her hand squeezed my shoulder affectionately. “If we have to run I will protect her with my life, you know I will. We will. Until then let us enjoy them.”

She perched on the edge of the bed, where I’d been but a moment before, and smiled. Arabella and Xander lay sleeping side by side. Their dark heads tipped toward each other. Xander’s fingers touched the white sleeping gown Arabella wore. Only toddlers and yet their connection was already more powerful than anyone had ever seen.

Skye and Xander

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A little Tyalbrook for you...

Lately, I've heard the whisperings of a Guardian. He's waiting for me to play.

Tyalbrook readers, I've heard your pleas. I promise I haven't forgotten my lovely Skye and her saviors, Xander and Nickoli. I haven't forgotten Amandalyn, Emmeline, and Cillian. I've been sensing that tingling pull of my soul begging for my return to Tyalbrook so I can continue their story.

I'm hoping it will be soon.


I'm slowly working on book three of The Prophecy of Tyalbrook. The story continues to develop and go in directions that both surprise and, sometimes, infuriate me. I appreciate your patience with me as I work to make the next chapter of Skye and Xander's story perfect.

I rubbed the back of my neck as I entered castle grounds. A group of children played in the small clearing of the outer bailey inside the gates. Their shouts of laughter ricocheted off the high stone walls surrounding them, filling the air with joy.

“What is this? A Guardian with a smile?” 

I nodded a silent greeting as Emeline joined me, ignoring her comment. “Do you know where Skye is?” I asked as my eyes continued to track the children. In the center a young boy wearing a hood turned in circles, his arms outstretched as he attempted to catch his friends. A simple childhood game of blind man's tag.

“The children are all orphans,” Emeline said and my smile wavered. “When Skye learned of the children’s home in the village she invited them here for a feast. Now they join us two days a week. We feed them and mend their clothing. We attempt to bring joy to their lives.”

“And it looks to be working.” The children appear happy, their faces and clothing cleaner than many of the village children I’d seen loitering around the training field today.

“She can be a magnificent Queen, Xander.” 

My eyes snapped to her pale head, turned away from me. “I’ve never doubted that,” I told her tightly.

After a moment she met my gaze, her eye's challenging mine. Her fingers grasped her skirts as she prepared to leave. “Don’t make her doubt it,” she said, 

her voice as tight as mine. 

Apparently I'd upset her today as well.

As she walked away her hand lifted toward the wall walk and she called over her shoulder, “you’ll find her up there.”

#TuesdayTease Never Without You

I'm winding down 2014 and roaring into 2015 with a huge bang! My immediate goal? THREE books in the first few months of the new year. This means LOTS of crazy hours for me, but lots of awesome words for you super soon!
I'll continue sharing small peeks at Into The Fire, His Call and Never Without You throughout the writing process so stay tuned!

Today you get this...

Special thanks to Regina of Mae I Design for permission to use her gorgeous photography for this tease.