My 'Booster' Club

Just like back in school when we have the Booster club to support our teams and clubs I have a special group of people, other than my family, that I call my Booster Club and here they are...

This list will change as I continue on my writing journey.  I could never list all of the amazing people who support me but I shall try to highlight some of them.  


Visit my main page for a list of awesome bloggers whom have been amazingly helpful to me!

Amazing Friends and Writing partners

aka Indie Troublemakers

Sarah Ashley Jones @SarahAshJones
Tess Watson @TessMWatson over at My Pathway to Books

My Early Beta Readers

In addition to some of the people above I have shared pieces of my WIP with the following two ladies

Cristina Reiser and Beth McCraw

Cristina has been privy to some different stories that have floated around in my head while Beth has Beta read my current WIP chapter by chapter as I crank it out.  Their feedback, encouragement and friendships are invaluable!  Thank you ladies!

Awesome Indie Authors
You don't even know that you are members of my booster club but you are!  Every book you write, every post you do fuels the fire in my belly to press on and fulfill my dreams.  Some of you I've met and others are just Twitter peeps I couldn't do without; but all of you are awesome and living out your dreams!