The one with the handy reading order guide

I am currently writing what we are calling From The Wreckage #4, After The Fall. After the Fall is Austin's story. It does have some Jules and West but it isn't being written to extend their story, it is for Austin. The reason we're calling it book #4 is that even though it can stand on its own, I wanted people to know that reading it first WILL obviously spoil the first three books to some degree. 

I've put together this handy dandy reading order guide for the series. Isn't it cute? If you've read From The Wreckage, Out of Ruins and All That Remains and still want more don't forget to check out West. West gives you a new insight into the events in book one and gives you more Austin. 
I'll be sharing a lot of Austin coming up so hang tight. Also, don't despair on the Jules and West front—if you're missing them and want more, stay patient. I have some ideas ;)

You’re damn lucky you’re alive, dude, cause now I don’t have to kill you.” I open my eyes to find Austin hovering above me. Reaching over my body, he grabs a pillow and smacks me across the back of my shoulders.
“Damn it, Austin. What the hell?” I growl, pushing blindly at his body.
“I’m happy to see you too, baby bro.” He punches my side as he sits on the edge of my bed, and I groan.
— West: A From The Wreckage Novel