My big adventure...

Do you know what that awesome picture is of??

That would be New York City from space!  Cool, Huh?

The reason I am sharing that with you is I would like to share what I am getting ready to do with you all!

I share my life with you not because I think I am so awesome and important that you want to know about me.  Rather I share because I want you to know about this trip I'm going on and and I'm hoping that you will be interested in what I'm doing.

As a fan myself I love sharing life with them some of the amazing authors I have met.  I follow them on Twitter, Facebook and even Pinterest because they are cool people.  Some are a lot like me and some are polar opposites but that's what makes life so fun.

I love getting to know new people over the web and sharing things that are important to me- whether that be a swoonworthy book boy, a yummy new recipe or in my case an awesome trip to change lives!

My New York City Mission Trip
March 28-April 6

Yep, a mission trip to NYC!  You're saying "aren't mission trips to third world countries for years at a time for crazy people??"  My answer:  Nope!

Let me give you some details:

I am a blessed to be a small group leader of high school girls at my fabulous church.  This is my fourth year and I am truly honored that I get to speak into these girls lives.  I am a friend, mentor, shoulder to cry on, book suggester and movie date to these girls.  AND, hopefully just hopefully if I'm doing it right I am a role model.  I am someone who they know they can look to for advice and know that I will steer them the right way because of the things they see me doing.

Enter mission trip!

When we hired an awesome new youth pastor this summer one of the first things I had heard about him was about his HUGE servant and mission related heart.  This man has been on more short term mission trips than anyone I think I've ever met.  In his arsenal of trips is an annual Spring Break New York Mission trip.  I knew I wanted to go immediately.

Why go?

Yes, why spend my week away from my own family to go to NYC with a bunch of high schoolers?  Why indeed!  This is why...

- Staten Island Hurricane Sandy relief
- Serving in soup kitchens
- Children's ministry - helping participate in an Easter egg hunt in the Bronx
- Homeless outreach
- Going into Central Park as clowns and doing face painting and balloon animals - for FREE

All of these things and more make up an amazing trip with opportunities to serve those who are in need of some love.  We will be in all five boroughs during our week in NYC and we will be working with 2-3 different organizations a day!

This is not a fun filled vacation to see Broadway people!  This will be work, a ton of it!  We will get in a day of site seeing and lots of yummy meals each evening!

So I am excited to fill you in on my little trip.  We are a small group of 11 students and 4 adults but we are excited to see what we can do in the lives of those whom we meet.

Just yesterday our group went to Uptown Charlotte and provided food to the homeless as a sort of practice run.  This is a weekly opportunity that is provided to our students (or anyone who wants to come).  We handed out rice/beans, snacks, hot dogs, water and LOVE.

Some of my students Tuesday night

If there is one thing that touches my heart deeply it is to see teens who otherwise live in a pretty secure happy and stable environment open their time and hearts to those who are in need.  It warms my own heart to step out of my comfort zone and be able to give back just a little of what I have been so blessed to receive.

Thank you for letting me share just a bit of what I find important in my life.  While I am gone over that week I will be pretty silent on the social media front- we are not allowing our teens to even bring their phones (GASP!) so I will have mine for emergencies but that is about all.  I am looking forward to coming back with a ton of stories to share!

If you don't mind keeping our team in your thoughts (or prayers if you so choose), regardless of your personal religious beliefs this is a trip that is meant to serve those who are in need and that is something anyone can get behind!

In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: β€˜It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ - Acts 20:35