Tuesday Tease - New WIP & a name

Happy Tuesday friends! 
I've shared a few teases from my upcoming YA Romance and today I'm finally ready to share the name with you! First a small tease...

Jules closed her eyes and allowed her mind to go back to that muggy Friday night. The late August Texas heat thicker than butter. She heard the crowd cheering at the first football game of the season. She recalled the buzzing of the Friday night lights illuminating the football field on campus. The smashing of helmets blending in with the constant exuberant play-by-play calls of Nick “voice of the Mustangs” Swanson in the background.
She fast forwarded to the parking lot after the game. As if she were reading a story she began to describe the night, the conversations, the feelings…

If you know me, you know I love me some football so it only seems right that this story has some Friday night lights mentioned. I'll tell you now - it's not a football story.

And the name??

From The Wreckage

or as you will see me say on FB or Twitter #FTW not to be confused with 'for the win' ;)
This should be ready for release this spring!!