#TuesdayTease Never Without You

I'm winding down 2014 and roaring into 2015 with a huge bang! My immediate goal? THREE books in the first few months of the new year. This means LOTS of crazy hours for me, but lots of awesome words for you super soon!
I'll continue sharing small peeks at Into The Fire, His Call and Never Without You throughout the writing process so stay tuned!

Today you get this...

Special thanks to Regina of Mae I Design for permission to use her gorgeous photography for this tease.

A gift for Nickoli lovers...#tease #NWY

My Christmas gift to you...teasers and scenes from my upcoming novels. Projects you know, Never Without You, Into The Fire and His Call, as well as perhaps some secret projects you've not heard of yet. Keep an eye on this blog the entire month of December because you never know when I'll be 
sharing some goodness....

Also, NO. I don't have release dates yet for any of these titles. When I do I will be sure to shout it at the top of my lungs! I know I'm behind schedule, but you have to trust that I'm not rushing them for a reason. The best story takes time.

Today's gift is for the Nickoli lovers

The Prophecy of Tyalbrook, book 3

**Please remember this is unedited and subject to change before publication.**

Copyright - Margarita Kareva

“What?” I asked as I rolled to the balls of my feet.
“Duck!” Nickoli yelled again.
I lifted up and pushed the heavy hair from my face in time to see his sword fly towards my head.
“Gah!” The scream came automatically as I fell to my knees and rolled forward, executing an effortless somersault. My wooden sword swung at Nickoli’s legs as I gained my footing. He jumped back with a laugh but not before the sword tip grazed the fabric of his pant leg.
“Nice move,” he offered with a smile before adding a wink and his trademark sarcasm, “just a little slow.”
Staying alert, Nickoli took three steps back and held his sword at the ready as I reset myself. His mocking tone caused the ire to rise within me, and my weapon dropped to my side as survey his cocky face. I'm breathing heavy, winded with a bead of sweat running down my temple, yet he looks untouched. As though our training session is a walk in the park for him. How utterly frustrating.
“I wasn’t expecting you to take my head off,” I snapped not bothering to hide my irritation.
“Well milady, you can not expect the enemy to take it easy on you.” His tone is all the provocation I need, and I rushed him sword swinging as though I’m a mad woman.

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