Tyalbrook 3 Preorder and sneak peek

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We have a release date! The Prophecy of Tyalbrook: Never Without You will release Friday, November 1, 2019!
We’re finalizing the synopsis but if you’ve read one and two then you know three brings us Skye and Xander’s conclusion. <<—-obvious much? I swear I do a better job telling the story than I do writing blog posts ;)

Here is a universal link to preorder from Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords: https://books2read.com/Tyalbrook3 *Applebooks and Kobo should be live soon!

AND here is a sneak peek…

“When everything is crazy, when people are dying, prophecies are being told, friends are becoming enemies and enemies are becoming friends—this is our beacon.”

That pledge, made hours ago, played on a mental loop as I lay beside the man who spoke it. The dagger he handed me months ago rested near my hip as I traced the etchings along the hilt and my eyes drank in Xander’s sleeping form.

After weeks of separation followed by weeks of believing he was dead, he’d returned to me. His features weren’t nearly so haunted while he slept. The mellow light of the candles and lanterns in my room cast a warm glow over the bed. I savored this moment of togetherness, our first since he and Mother walked into this castle two days ago and shocked us all. Two ghosts back from the dead.

With a long exhale, I pressed my palm over my heart. When Xander and I were near each other for long periods of time, the pulse signifying our bond slowed in my chest to a steady purr, the vibration reminiscent of the rumbled purr Janelle’s old tabby cat made when I stroked her back.

I purred.

The notion brought a trembling smile to my lips as tears dampened my eyes. I missed that old cat. I missed the tiny house I shared with Janelle and Rex. Rex. Another name on the ever-expanding list of lives lost because of a prophecy. And Janelle, the one true friend I had before coming to Tyalbrook. Contemplating her fate filled my chest with an aching pang. I’ve held onto hope, preferring to think her safe and sound back home, but somehow I knew that wasn’t the case. I feared for her the way I feared for Amandalyn. The way I feared for everyone in Tyalbrook. They were pawns in a madman’s scheme. And for what? For power? For me? No one knew, which made what was to come all the more dangerous.

Xander stirred and reached across the bed, tangling his fingers deep into my hair as he tugged my face his way. “Have you had your fill?” he mumbled beneath a yawn.

I tucked his dagger between the folds of my bedding and shifted toward him. “My fill?”

“You were staring. I felt your eyes on me. I’m a Guardian. I’m trained to know this stuff.”

His teasing grin warmed the blood running through my veins. “You could not feel my eyes on you.” I propped up on my elbow, taking his hand, still tangled in my hair, with me.

“You’re right,” he conceded. “I was staring at you first.”

My breath lodged in my throat as his heavy-lidded electric blue eyes pinned my own. Oh, how I’d missed him. He grinned and released my gaze, and I blew out the air trapped in my lungs. His strong fingers delved deeper into my hair, massaging my scalp, as he twisted his upper body toward the lone window in my room. His forehead furrowed.

“It’s dark out.”

“Yes.” My gaze followed his to the unshuttered window. “You fell asleep on me. I was a bit offended by it, to be honest.”

When he entered my room hours ago, the sun rode high in the sky. It was past twilight now. Supper came and went with us locked in there. Not that I was complaining. My eyes touched on his profile and I lapped up the opportunity to study him this way. The depth of my feelings astonished me after the past months of separation. I’d forgotten the strength of the connection between us. How could I have forgotten?

©️Michele G. Miller, 2019

Last Call - Sneak Peek at the First Paragraphs

I'm horrible at Tuesday Teases!  Mainly because I can't ever remember when it's Tuesday :(
So, today I will give you a little sneak peek at The first few paragraphs of "Last Call"
This is a New Adult Romantic Comedy with a dash of Suspense
(YA fans be warned- this one is meant for 17+ due do mature content.)

Friday- April 12
The Invitation

It all started with a 6x9-inch cream envelope and some swirling calligraphy.
I stepped into the small house I shared with my two roommates to find the offending envelope propped up against a glass vase on our dining table. Next to the envelope was a bright yellow sticky note with my roommate Sara’s chicken scratch:
Wine is chilling and dinner is on us <3
Indication #1 that this envelope was bad news.
Indication #2? The three missed calls and voice mails from my mother sitting on my phone. She never called me during my school hours and yet today she tried, and failed, to reach me three times. When she didn’t catch me by voice she finally sent a quick text:

Mom: Darling, call me on your way home. Everything is fine here. I have wonderful news from Mary Anne to share.

My mother never texts me. Typically, she considers texting beneath her. This text was warning sign.
Indication #3 was the name Mary Anne.
Then finally, as I walked towards the envelope that was so beautifully addressed to Ms. Savannah R. Guthry, and flipped it over, I found indication #4. The proudly displayed return address along the back of the sealed envelope. It was a dead giveaway as to whom this event was for. As if I hadn’t connected the dots already.

What do you think?  I'm terribly excited to release this one!  It is currently with my editor 
and we hope to release it to the world around around mid October!

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